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Book / Manuscript Services

"Catherine Viel provides a great service to writers and visionaries. Her abilities provide clear and efficient tools for better communication, understanding and creativity." --Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect and Sound Spirit: Pathway to Faith

Catherine Viel embodies the skill, formal education, and excellent author and publisher relationships that are hallmarks of the exceptional manuscript editor. She has freelanced for a variety of publishers and has helped many individual authors with their books. A certified copyeditor who has worked in a variety of genres and subjects, Ms. Viel is ideally suited to help prepare your manuscript for publication. Copyediting is a critical part of the book-production process, and while publishers provide copyediting and proofreading services for their authors, getting your book accepted by a publisher (or agent) often requires that it be professionally copyedited first. If you are self-publishing, having your manuscript copyedited and proofread first is essential. As noted in Words into Type, "The [copyeditor] has learned from experience that the possibilities of error are limitless and does not expect the author to have detected his [or her own] minor blunders." A good copyeditor excels in blunder-proofing.

Author clients include Dr. Lori Jespersen (From This Day On), Dr. John T. Fodor (Health Instruction in Schools), and Jacqueline Berger (Loves, Lies, and Tears: An Intimate Look at America’s First Ladies).

Technical Writing

Ms. Viel brings years of experience to the specialty of technical writing and has been a senior member of the Society for Technical Communication. She has written and edited policies and procedures for California-based banking entities; created, revised, designed, and coordinated translation of instructions for use, product labeling, and marketing collateral in the medical device manufacturing industry; and worked with an information technology corporation to help define, describe, and document Internet- and security-related services.

Business Communications / Web Content

"Catherine, your compassion and commitment are only exceeded by your professional editing skills. Because of your expertise and guidance, you have earned my sincere and deepest appreciation." --Jacqueline Berger, author of Loves, Lies, and Tears: An Intimate Look At America's First Ladies

Need your annual report tweaked? Want to make sure your letter to shareholders or company-wide memorandum says what you really mean? Or maybe your website looks beautiful but doesn’t have much to say. Ms. Viel will write or revise the prose that helps your business communicate clearly with important audiences ranging from regulatory agencies and customers to your internal company constituency. Web-related content in particular needs to be carefully reviewed and revised on a regular basis so that your site, blog, or other electronically distributed communications are timely and on target.

Marketing Communications

Tightly targeted marketing communications can bring in new customers and reignite your existing business relationships. Ms. Viel will create or revise your ad copy, brochure, product profile, print or electronic newsletter, or other promotional material to enhance your company’s visibility and help you realize the most from your marketing dollar.

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