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"I wish to acknowledge the expertise of my editor, Ms. Catherine Viel, who has worked carefully and unstintingly on this manuscript." --Bernard W. Bail, MD, author of Irmgard's Flute and other titles


Career Background / Experience

"My heartfelt gratitude goes to my editor, Catherine Viel. . . . Catherine's encouragement, patience, and expertise helped bring more life to my words in a nonintrusive, gentle way. You are a joy to work with." --Susan Smith Jones, PhD, author of Be Healthy~Stay Balanced and other titles

Writer and Editor, WriteCat Communications, Santa Barbara, California

Professional writer and editor with over twenty-five years’ experience. Thorough, accurate, alert; respectful of client deadlines. Expert electronic editing; adept with style sheets and publishers’ guidelines. Consummate command of style and reference resources (Chicago Manual of Style, et al.). BA in Literature, University of California, Santa Barbara; copyediting certificate from University of California, San Diego.

Technical Writer, Pacific Capital Bancorp, Santa Barbara, California

"Catherine: I truly appreciate your skilled editing, patience, experience and dedication to our book. Your knowledge, guidance and light touch in this editing process brought out the best in me as a writer." --Jean Kubelun, PhD, coauthor of Life as a Mother-in-Law

Technical Writer, Medtronic PS Medical, Santa Barbara, California

"Without Catherine's skillful, sensitive, supportive guidance throughout the editing process of our book, we would not have rated 5 stars on Amazon.com; 3 maybe. She nudged, encouraged, and stretched us as writers well beyond our own expectations...and with such a gentle hand. She is a marvel." --Olivia Slaughter, PhD, coauthor of Life as a Mother-in-Law

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